23 Feb 2022News

Waterways Ireland- NEIC Refurbishments


Please see below a news bulletin below from our friends at Waterways Ireland....

Waterways Ireland has commenced the replacement of the deep gates on lock 1 of the Royal Canal in Dublin’s North East Inner City, near Spencer Dock. The work will involve the use of a 50-tonne crane to remove the existing deep gates which are 3.5 tonnes each and replace them with 2 prefabricated, steel-reinforced deep gates. The new gates are hand-planed on-site to ensure water tightness. The work will take approximately 8 weeks. The Royal Canal closed in the 1950s and restoration of the canal was undertaken in phases. This phase was restored in the 1980s and the mainline of the Royal Canal was reopened fully to navigation in 2010. Drawings and images of the life and restoration of the Royal Canal can be viewed in Waterways Ireland Digital Archive

Be sure to keep an eye on our website, where we'll have pictures of the finished works once it's completed!!!