20 Mar 2020News

Update on Covid-19


The World Health Organisation has declared COVID-19 a pandemic. As a result, the Government and HSE have issued advice on how the public can help limit the spread of the virus and 'flatten the curve'. Be sure to stay updated on how you can help stop the spread.

For the safety and well-being of the community, it is important to follow this advice and practice social distancing and limiting social interaction and of course, regular hand washing and good hygiene. It could save lives, particularly of those who are in the higher-risk categories. DCC has also advised at this time that families and children should avoid playgrounds, in the interest of health and safety.

For information on symptoms and how to protect yourself, visit for advice.

If your job has been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 here in Ireland, you may qualify for welfare. Click here for more info and to follow Government updates on COVID-19 developments.

The NEIC is a great local community and we are sure we can support each other during this time. Be sure to check in on loved ones over the phone, video calls or text and support small businesses where you can.