04 Oct 2023News

Traveller and Roma Education Strategy Survey


The Department of Education is developing a Traveller and Roma Education Strategy.

To inform this strategy Phase 1 of a wide-ranging consultation process is underway. The public and education stakeholders and partners, including teachers, Traveller and Roma learners and parents, are invited to participate through an online survey.

It will remain open until 30 October 2023 to allow all interested parties and organisations to submit a response.

It aims to find out the views of members of the public on ways to improve the educational experience for Traveller and Roma children and young people.

The Department particularly welcomes the views of Traveller and Roma students and parents, and the wider Traveller and Roma communities.

The new strategy, when it is finished, will build on the work of the National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy (NTRIS).

The survey can be accessed through the link below: