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SWAN Youth Service Spotlight


SWAN Youth Service Spotlight

Where do we begin?

SWAN Youth Service, or SYS, is a community-led youth service focused on 10-24 year olds in the St. Agatha’s, North Wall and North Strand areas. Founded in 2004, SWAN has been supporting the young people of Dublin’s North East Inner City for just over fifteen years!

The main goal of SWAN is to provide a safe environment where young people can feel respected and accepted, no matter who they are or where they’re at in life.

The team at SWAN promotes the idea of an inclusive society, where all young people have access to the same opportunities: to become more critical thinkers, discover their own voice and realise their full potential.

At SWAN, you should feel comfortable to be exactly who you are.


The SWAN Youth Service offers services in a number of different areas:

  • Creative Arts

Do you want to learn a new instrument or get involved in one of SWAN’s many art projects? Maybe you’re a film buff and want to hang out with friends at the monthly film club.

No matter what you’re into, SWAN offers an opportunity to get creative and make friends with similar interests.

  • A Place to Relax

Maybe you just want to relax, and have a place to hang out with other people your age? SWAN runs two different drop in groups for secondary and post secondary aged youths.

  • Social Supports

One of the main goals of the SWAN Youth Service is to give support to young people when they need it most. This may be through one to one support sessions, or through initiatives like the Garda Youth Diversion or the International Youth Club.

  • Opportunities

Not only will the gang at SWAN help you to figure out how to get the most from the opportunities available to you, they believe in creating new ones on your behalf.

SWAN works with local businesses and other key agencies in order to create qualifications that are accessible to everyone.

SWAN and the NEIC

Over the past few years, SWAN Youth Service has been working in collaboration with the NEIC to bring a Detached Youth Work Team to the young people in the area.

Even though the SWAN centre is open to all, some young people might still find it difficult to get involved, or might stop attending their youth clubs for any number of reasons.

That’s okay!

The goal of the Detached Youth Work Team is to take the same support offered in SWAN and bring it to the streets of the NEIC. Whether you’re going through a rough patch, want some life advice or just want to chat, the Detached Youth Workers are there to help.

If you see them out and about in their blue jackets, say hi!

How to Get Involved

Never been to the Swan Youth Service Studio before? Head on to one of their Open Access or drop in events that take place throughout the week. Whether you’re a familiar face or someone new, their doors are always open to you.

Interested in becoming part of the Swan Youth Service team? If you’d like to know more about getting involved as a volunteer, check out the volunteering section on their website or send an email to

Swan Youth Service is located in Saint Agatha’s Hall on Dunne Street.