20 Nov 2018News

Submissions for Policing Plan 2019


An Garda Síochána has commenced a consultation process in preparation for the development of the Garda Síochána Policing Plan 2019. This consultation process involves having a nationwide consultation where we reach out to as many service user groups as possible to obtain a wide and hopefully representative range of views on what areas we should be focussing on next year.

Previous consultation processes largely concentrated on the development of a national policing plan. This year we are looking for your input to support not just the development of our national Policing Plan but our local plans in respect of this Division.

In this regard, I would appreciate the input of as many stakeholders as possible to help us formulate our policing plan for 2019 for Store Street , Mountjoy and the Bridewell .

You are invited to forward any policing issues you think An Garda Síochána should be prioritising in 2019, in order to meet the needs of the public we serve.

The consultation will thus be based around the key pillars of the strategy:

  • National and International Security

  • Confronting Crime

  • Roads Policing

  • Community Engagement and Public Safety

  • Organisational Development and Capacity Improvement

We would greatly appreciate any written submissions that you wish to provide by email to or in writing to the Divisional Community Policing Office, Store Street Garda Station, Dublin 1. Your submissions would be greatly appreciated before the 27th November 2018.