21 Mar 2022News

Seachtain na Gaeilge - Part 2


We had so much fun last time that we just had to pay another visit to the Barbara Ward centre to view the progress of our local dancers in training!!


This time we were very warmly welcomed by Aileen Foran; the centre manager, who was delighted to see the ladies returning for another successful week’s dancing.

Aileen told us of the great work the centre has been doing throughout the pandemic, including bingo and group activities such as sowing tapestries to remember how we all came together to support one another throughout the worst parts of COVID-19. Aileen was particularly grateful to D.C.C for their support including providing gazebos to create outdoor spaces last summer to support local people and allow the community to still interact in a safe way. Our thanks Aileen for such a warm welcome!!


We spoke again with dance teacher Cathleen Clarke-Ennis; who told us she was absolutely delighted with the progress of the ladies last week. Cathleen praised the commitment and quick -learning of the ladies and as very impressed with their energy and enthusiasm. Cathleen informed us that the ladies already had the hang of both the ‘Walls of Limerick’ and the ‘Siege of Ennis’ and that all going well, the ladies should be able to participate in a 6-hand reel, and an 8-hand reel by the time we get to the Céilí Mór on March 19th. 


Lastly, we spoke with another local, Margaret O’Hara, who is a veteran user of the Barbara Ward centre, and lived right around the corner for many, many years.  Margaret knows Cathleen the dance teacher quite well as her two daughters learned to dance with Cathleen   Over 34 years ago!! Margaret was another fast learner, and enthusiastic dancer and a pleasure to speak with, thank you for the great conversation Margaret!


The Céilí Mór will take place on Saturday March 19th at the Barbara Ward centre, and we are already looking forward to it! Music on the night will be provided by Cathleen, and will feature a special set by our students. We will be back with more photos of the event and to report on what’s sure to be a great night!