08 Jun 2020News

Public Consultation on the Youth Justice Strategy - Survey ***CLOSING DATE 30TH JUNE


**Closing date for survey completion is Tuesday 30 June**

Building on the work of an Expert Steering Group and stakeholder consultations the Department of Justice and Equality has prepared a draft Youth Justice Strategy and wants to provide an opportunity, for anyone who wishes, to give their views on this important work. The Department hopes that this will support further development of the content of the Strategy and highlight the key issues of concern to people throughout the country.

his Strategy builds on the 2008 Youth Justice Strategy and the subsequent Youth Justice Action Plan 2014-2018. It tries to deal with many of the gaps that remain as well as new challenges which have emerged. It is intended that the new Strategy will form an important element of the National Policy Framework for Children and Young Adults, which is overseen by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. The draft strategy is available for you to review here.

To complete the survey click here.

This survey should take about 8-10 minutes to complete. All your responses are anonymous and any reporting shall be done at an aggregated level. If you wish to provide a more detailed response or have any queries regarding this process please email

Closing date for survey completion is Tuesday 30 June