27 May 2021News

NEIC Programme Implementation Board supports translation services for schools


The NEIC Initiative is now supporting a dedicated translation service across all of the schools in the North East Inner City. The NEIC Initiative is now fully funding a translation service in our efforts to make sure that all students can build a bright future while going to school in the NEIC.

All schools in the area have been informed of the service, and are encouraged to engage with the service to enable the inclusion of and participation in the school and education system for all children.

As the NEIC is a vibrant place containing both long-time residents and new and emerging communities the NEIC Programme Implementation Board is proud to support this programme. With this timely intervention, schools can look forward to improved participation in education by children and young people, a reduction in the stress and disruption in classroom and social settings and a decrease in the vulnerability and disadvantage of primary pupils and secondary students.