02 Mar 2023News

NEIC Greening Update


Gloucester Square

Daffodils symbolise hope and are a welcome sight each spring bringing colour and the hope of good times to come in Summer.  Below are some Dwarf Daffodils in bloom on Gloucester Square opposite St. Mary’s Mansions.

James Joyce Street Park Update

Below are some pictures of the work underway on James Joyce Street Park which was an under preforming and underutilised open space, left over from the redevelopment of Marys Mansions.   

The Parks department as part of the NEIC Greening Strategy following consultation with the resident's association and Clúid Housing, are transforming this poor open space into a community asset with high quality landscape design and activities for all age groups. The Concept behind the park is the creation of a village green in an urban setting and it is expected that this work will be completed shortly.

Tree Planting on the Royal Canal Greenway

A huge number of trees are being planted in the NEIC as part of the overall Greening Strategy.  A mixture of suitable native & non-native trees are being used in this project.  Some of the trees planted will be identified with maps and signage, becoming a part of an Urban Tree Trail through the area.