28 Feb 2023News

HAY Digital Hub and Youth Space


See below pictures from the official launch of their Digital Hub and Youth Space on Wednesday 22 February.

The HAY catchment area covers Summerhill, Ballybough, Gardner Street, Mountjoy Square, Portland Row & Place, North Strand, and can cover streets or estates bordering around these areas.  HAY work with Young People mainly aged 12-18, but can also offer early intervention for younger people and after care support for young people transitioning into adult services.

Garda Youth Diversion Projects are community based and supported youth development projects which seek to divert young people from becoming involved (or further involved) in anti-social or criminal behaviour. These projects facilitate personal development and promote civic responsibility.


1. Involve young people in suitable activities to facilitate personal development and encourage civic responsibility and improve their long-term employability prospects

2. Divert young people from becoming involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour

3. In achieving the above, projects will seek to support and improve local Garda community relations and enhance the quality of life in the area.