05 May 2021News

Generation Tech - Covid19 Tech Help for Older People


Generation Tech wants to ensure that everyone aged 65+ on the island of Ireland has access to technology. As the vaccine roll-out continues we want to remind the public of our presence and to ensure that the public knows we will continue to provide our service after the pandemic.

What does Generation Tech do?

Generation Tech was initially set up during the first lockdown to support people aged 65+ to keep in contact with loved ones whilst cocooning. There are over 750.000 people aged 65+ in Ireland and Generation Tech wants to support these people to access technology and develop new skills regardless of age. Whilst running Generation Tech the founders recognised a gap in the market for this service and have decided to continue providing the service long term. Generation Tech is a free service and is run by volunteers. Our volunteers are tech experts and work in shifts from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday. Support is provided over the phone. Our volunteers answer calls about technology related issues such as using printers, setting up zoom, wi-fi routers, or resetting email passwords. Our volunteers are incredibly patient, and they guide the caller through the steps needed to resolve their problem slowly over the phone. Our calls last up to one hour and volunteers will call back if an issue is not resolved within that time period.

For more information on Generation Tech and the support they provide click here.

If you would like to volunteer click here.