22 Sep 2020News

Dublin City Council announces measures to support businesses


Dublin City Council is pleased to announce new measures to increase its support to businesses at this very difficult time.

In relation to restaurants, cafes and pubs that serve food, seeking to utilise the public footpath, designated car parking spaces, and other areas of the public domain under the control of the City Council, requests will be accommodated for the duration of Level 3 restrictions subject to the following conditions:

  • The business must have public liability insurance in the amount of €6.4m in place for the use of street furniture in the public realm, specifically indemnifying Dublin City Council.

  • The business must take full responsibility for the health and safety of its patrons and of members of the public and have particular regard to residential amenity and to the rights of the mobility impaired and disabled.

  • Gas heaters are not permitted.

  • A minimum circulation space of 2 metres must be maintained clear of obstruction on the public footpath.

  • The outside area must not extend beyond the frontage of the premises or impinge on another business premises without that business’s consent. The area must also be clearly barriered and delineated.

  • In the case of a premises taking a car parking space and/or loading bay only one space/bay may be used and the consent of surrounding businesses, who use the loading bay should be sought. Parking spaces/loading bays cannot be used on high traffic volume roads or where speeds regularly exceed 30kmph without the prior approval of the City Council. Street furniture must not impinge on the public carriageway in any other way. Disabled parking spaces cannot be used.

  • The preference is for businesses to work together to make these interventions. The City Council will provide support and expertise if requested.

In an effort to support business these measures can be implemented immediately. Application forms will need to be completed and submitted to Dublin City Council's Street Furniture Licensing Section at . However, this can be done retrospectively. Upon inspection a premises may be asked to amend their arrangement in the interest of the public safety.