20 May 2022News

Docklands Volunteer Day - Photos


The NEIC Initiative, in partnership with DublinCity Council and the Docklands Forum put on a great afternoon of soccer at St. Laurence O'Toole's Rec. Centre last week, and we've got the best of the photos from it!!!

Our thanks go to the Docklands Forum and Sheriff Youth Club Football Team for their assistance. Members of An Garda Síochána also made an appearance and mixed in with the competitors to join each team on the day.

The full line up of teams was:

Capital Dock,

Central Bank of Ireland,

A&L Goodbody,

The Samuel Hotel,

The Clayton Hotel,

DCC Sports and Recreation,

Sherriff YC; and

Northwall CDP with each team having a member of an Garda playing for them.

The winners of the event were DCC Sports and Recreation. Everyone involved was invited to an après match event organised by the Docklands Forum.

Well done all on participating and getting active in YOUR community!!!