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Contract of Service Position for NEIC Community Arts Co-ordinator


Dublin North East Inner City Community Arts Co-ordinator - Contract for Service

Background: In April 2021 funding was secured under the NEIC Initiative to deliver a community arts programme within the NEIC. The funding proposal is based on consultations with local childcare/youth and adult community groups which focused on identifying what Community Arts work has been happening over the last three years and specifically what supports local organisations require to continue, develop and build on the community arts work they have been carrying out. The proposal also aims to explore synergies with other NEIC funded initiatives. Central to delivery of the proposal is the engagement of a Community Arts CoOrdinator.

Position: NEIC Community Arts Co-ordinator

Reporting to: NEIC Programme Office, C/O Dublin City Council, Central Area Office, 52 Sean MacDermott St., Dublin 1 D01 HW44

Purpose of Position: To coordinate and deliver a community arts programme which celebrates and builds on creative arts practice that has taken place in the NEIC to date, and which creates new opportunities for arts and creative practice to take place within strategic short, medium and long-term goals.

Community Arts Co-ordinator Role The Community Arts Co-ordinator will be engaged on a Contract for Service basis by Dublin City Council on behalf of the NEIC Programme Office and will work under the direction of the NEIC Community Arts Steering Committee. The role of the Community Arts Co-ordinator will be to manage all operational and administrative matters relating to the planning, organising and delivery of a comprehensive community arts programme. He/she will also lead on artistic and creative content which will be developed through listening to, working with and consulting with the community, childcare, resident and youth groups, including local artists and arts organisations involved in the project.

Main Responsibilities of the Community Arts Co-ordinator

Overall management of all community arts programme operational matters and associated administrative processes, including budgetary control, within an agreed budget and timelines.

• Active listening, engagement and consultation with participating youth projects, community groups, local residents, schools and after schools projects, Dublin City Council (DCC) including the DCC Arts Office, artists, creative facilitators, arts organisations, and other agencies or personnel involved in the programme.

• Work to strengthen relationship building between practitioners in the arts sector in the NEIC and the local NEIC community.

• Identify opportunities for collaborations between local organisation and/or with other programmes (especially those delivered under the NEIC Initiative), and agencies.

• Lead on artistic and creative content of a community arts programme.

• Engagement of all artists, creative facilitators, contractors and suppliers required for various programme elements.

• Maintenance of all relevant records and documentation including compliance with Health & Safety legislation.

• Preparation and presentation of regular progress reports and updates in whatever format may be required by the Steering Committee and the NEIC Programme Office and attendance at Steering Committee and other meetings as may be required from time to time.

• Regular on the ground meetings and interaction with community groups, youth workers, artists etc. to review and monitor progress throughout planning, organising and delivery phases.

• Identify and organise relevant arts/creative practitioner training for youth and/or community development workers who wish to upskill themselves in this area.

• Organise PR, communication and promotion of the community arts programme.

• Ensure an independent external evaluation of the NEIC Community Arts programme is carried out.

• Adhere at all times to community development and socially engaged arts practice principles.

Person Specification: The Community Arts Co-ordinator will be required to have/be:

-A supportive and empowering leadership and managementstyle with the ability to inspire and motivate others.

− Previous experience organising a comprehensive arts programme of this nature is desirable.

− Experience of working with community groups, community arts organisations, youth projects, schools and after-schools projects.

− Able to manage relationships with a wide range of people.

− A knowledge of, and capacity with dialogue methodologies which facilitate a culture of deep listening and meaningful engagement of all stakeholders, especially the local community.

− Experience of producing arts related activities/spectacle and/or public event management planning.

− An understanding of and know how to source funding so that knowledge maybe passed onto local groups.

− Understanding, promoting and working in accordance with community development principles and ethos.

− Understanding, promoting and working in accordance with socially engaged arts practice principles.

− A high level of multi-cultural awareness and sensitivity.

− Strong organisational and administrative skills, including extensive project management experience.

− Team player with enthusiasm, drive and approachability.

− Strong communication and I.T. skills.

− Experience in budgeting and financial reporting.

− Experience in project scheduling and coordination in a creative/artistic role.

− Experience generating media and promotional coverage of arts events like this or equivalent.

− Knowledge and understanding of the NEIC structures, organisations and communities is desirable.

Period of Contract: 1 Year (Est. July 2021 – June 2022)

Particulars of contract

The Community Arts Co-ordinator will be engaged on a Contract for Service basis i.e. will be self-employed. He /She will not be an employee of the NEIC Initiative or of the Community Arts Steering Committee and the contract will not come within the scope of employment legislation.

The contracted Community Arts Co-ordinator will have responsibility to manage his/her own tax affairs and file appropriate tax returns; maintain their own insurance cover and comply with all relevant health & safety legislation.

The successful candidate must produce a Tax Clearance Certificate before the contract for service is signed off. Invoicing arrangements will be agreed with the successful contractor following the award of contract. All payments under the contract will be by Electronic Funds Transfer and will be conditional on the contractor being in possession of a valid tax clearance certificate at all times.

Serviced office accommodation can be provided in the local north east inner city area, Dublin 1 for the duration of the contract. It is expected that the successful contractor will be in a position to commit a minimum of 30 hrs. per week to this role. Flexibility will be required as some meetings/activities will take place outside normal business hours. Covid-19: Given the situation that currently prevails in the country the Community Arts Coordinator must have the capacity to work effectively from home when Covid-19 restrictions require.

Remuneration: The budgeted fee for the Community Arts Co-ordinator contract for service is €50,000. The budget for delivery of the 1 year Community Arts programme including production costs, excluding the Community Arts Co-ordinator fee is in the region of €130,000.

Child Protection and Welfare: As the role will involve working with children and vulnerable adults the contracted Community Arts Co-ordinator will be required to make an application to be vetted by An Garda Siochána National Vetting Bureau under the provisions of The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016. See Info. at

Application for contract

To apply please submit the following:

• A cover letter and short written piece (approx. 500 words) which outlines:

o why you are applying for this role

o why you feel you are qualified to carry out this role

o your knowledge of the north east inner city in terms of structures and local communities

• A CV summarising your qualifications and relevant experience demonstrating how you meet the above requirements (including the names and contact details of two referees).

Please email the above to with Community Arts Co-ordinator in the subject line. The closing date for applications is 4pm on Wednesday 2nd June 2021. Applications will be acknowledged by email.

Applicants may be shortlisted, on the basis of the information supplied in the application, as part of the selection process and only short listed candidates will be invited to interview.

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