09 Feb 2021News

Chair of new Local Community Safety Partnership announced


The North Inner City Electoral Area, which includes the NEIC, has been chosen to be a pilot location for a new “Local Community Safety Partnership”. The Local Community Safety Partnership is a new government initiative which brings together statutory services, the voluntary and community sector, local councillors and community members to work together to identify and tackle community safety issues locally.

Community safety is about people being safe and feeling safe in their communities. It’s a broad concept that goes beyond just policing and crime. It includes everything from visible Gardaí to safe places for children to play. The Local Community Safety Partnership is built on the principle that the community needs to be central in identifying what it needs and helping to shape solutions.

Cormac Ó Donnchú has been appointed as the independent Chair of the North Inner City Local Community Safety Partnership. The Chair’s role will be to bring different stakeholders together and get the work of the Partnership off the ground.

Cormac has years of experience in leadership roles in the field of business and in the community and voluntary sector. He began his career in the advertising industry and since that time he has gone on to set up many successful businesses, most recently Experience Gaelic Games, which offers visitors to Ireland an opportunity to immerse themselves in Irish cultural and sporting activities.

Cormac is committed to positive social change and this comes across clearly in his commitment to community engagement. To give just a few examples, he served on the Board of Management of the Vincentian Refugee Centre between 2006-2010 and was the Chairperson of CLG Na Fianna in 2017-20, and at national level, he is currently a member of the GAA National Committee for Irish Language and Culture and he recently finished a stint as a member of the National Tourism Leadership Group (2016-19).

In the coming weeks, more detailed information will be provided to the community on the Local Community Safety Partnership, including how to engage and participate in the new initiative, and what it can do for you.