19 Aug 2021News

Calling all Community based Women Led Organisations: Extended Deadline 31st August


Currently, the IWTL Campaign in collaboration with Dublin City Council is working with various groups within the NEIC, through the Operation Reactivation campaign in identifying the important issues/information these women have difficulties sourcing/accessing.

This small grant from the Carter Centre will go one step closer by working directly with the successful applicant(s). Illustrative activities can include, but not limited to:• Community-based activities to demonstrate the value of access to information for women, • Short-term projects that creatively raise awareness of access to information, • Engage and/or assist women to seek and use public information, with a focus on the information/services being promoted and disseminated as part of the city’s Inform Women, Transform Lives campaign, • Case studies of increasing awareness and/or women successfully accessing and using information to their benefit.

You are encouraged to be as creative and cost-effective with your ideas of how to effectively raise awareness, engage, and/or support women to access information and encourage increased use of the city services. Applicants must align their proposals with one or more of the thematic areas as designed by the city.

This grant is a direct collaboration between the Carter Centre and the Successful Applicant therefore all correspondence should be between the two parties only.

Any queries relating to the small grants application must be directed to The Carter Centre is a nongovernmental organization that helps to improve lives by resolving conflicts; advancing democracy and preventing diseases.