23 May 2023News

Appointment of an Independent Chairperson to the Programme Implementation Board


The Government today agreed to the appointment of Mr. Jim Gavin as the new Independent Chairperson of the Programme Implementation Board for the North East Inner City Initiative (NEIC).

Mr. Gavin, who will undertake the role with immediate effect, will lead the NEIC Programme Implementation Board in its work to deliver on the vision and actions as set out in the Mulvey Report (2017) and the NEIC Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023.

Mr. Gavin is well known for his successful role as the manager of the Dublin Men’s Senior Football Team overseeing a record five All-Ireland titles in a row.  In 2022, he served as the Chair of the Dublin Citizens’ Assembly which considered the type of directly elected mayor and local Government structures best suited for Dublin and reported earlier this year.   He has worked with the Irish Aviation Authority since 2011 and is currently the Chief Operations Officer.  

Mr Gavin is taking up the position as Independent Chair of the NEIC Programme Implementation Board on a pro-bono basis.