25 Apr 2023News

Access to Community - Based Services for Refugees and Migrants in the NEIC


There is an increasing cultural and ethnic diversity in the population of the North East Inner City, including newly arrived refugees and other migrants. These new communities can sometimes struggle to access existing services to meet their health and social needs.

The NEIC Initiative is issuing a funding call to support access to community-based services for refugees and migrants living in the area. The aim is to overcome barriers to accessing services and to assist in the integration of these groups in the community.

Refugees and migrants can face a variety of barriers in accessing community-based services. These include language and cultural differences, lack of culturally-responsive services, low levels of literacy, inadequate use of interpreting services, and criteria restricting who is eligible for services. Lack of awareness and familiarity with community-based services can also be an obstacle. A planned approach is required to identify and address potential obstacles and ensure community-based services are supported to meet the needs of new communities.

The criteria for the funding call to support access to community-based services are:-

  • Funding is for a period of up to 12 month and is once-off

  • Maximum amount of €10,000 per service or project

  • Collaboration between services is encouraged

  • Only one application per service – either joint or individual

  • Provision of additional work hours, interpretation services, peer workers etc.

  • Does not cover English language classes

Community-based services includes the following services:-

  • Drugs & Alcohol

  • Inclusion Health

  • Domestic, sexual and gender-based violence

  • Family Support Services

  • Youth Services

  • Older People Services

  • Disability Services

  • Homeless Services

Proposals should clearly:-

  • Identify the unmet needs of the target group of refugees and migrants

  • Describe what additional activities your service proposes to offer

  • Set out how barriers to accessing services would be overcome, such as language, awareness etc.

  • Include costings for up to 12 months

  • Detail the expected impact on access to your service and how this will be monitored

  • Include a sustainability plan to continue these activities.

Applications will be made through an online application form, The closing date is 28th April 2023.  We look forward to receiving your application.

Any queries on the funding can be address to the NEIC programme office (

Joint applications from community-based services are encouraged.