09 Jul 2021News

2021 D-Light Studios Residency award


D Light Studios Are delighted to announce that the recipient of the 2021 D-Light Studios Residency award is local film and documentary maker Luke McManus.

Over the next 6 months, Luke will be working on his first feature documentary for cinema. It’s a film about the north inner city of Dublin and the street that defines it, the North Circular Road that takes you from the gates of the Phoenix Park to the banks of the Liffey as it edges towards the sea.

The physical character of the road changes as you travel it. The buildings which you pass on the way are like an almanac of Ireland’s history - barracks, prisons, cemeteries, hospitals, stadiums & asylums. The psychological resonance of the built environment will be an important theme in the film.

It’s an area that has been a rich source of creativity, writers like Sean O'Casey, Brendan Behan, Austin Clarke & James Joyce lived and worked along it.

The film will also include contemporary musicians who live near the NCR.