06 Jun 2024Events

NEIC Learning Neighbourhood Culture Month


Bridging the Gap: Cultural Institutions and Their Neighbourhoods Unite in Dublin’s Learning Neighbourhood Culture Month this June

This June, the Learning Neighbourhood initiative in Dublin's North Inner City will forge connections and break down barriers between historic cultural institutions and local communities. The festival contains a series of engaging and exciting events. Designed to promote arts, culture, and educational pathways, this initiative aims to create meaningful connections and foster a sense of belonging among residents with the cultural institutions in their area.

During the month-long event, renowned institutions such as Trinity College Dublin, the Hugh Lane Gallery, and the National College of Art and Design will open their doors to local community members, offering tours, workshops, and exhibitions. The objective is to bridge the gap between these historic buildings and the diverse local population, creating accessible learning opportunities and fostering community integration.

Derek Nibbs, an art student in Dublin Adult Learning Centre (DALC), said of Hugh Lane Gallery,

'Before my class here, I never would set foot in a building like that. As a local, you just don't realise how open the Galleries are. They really are for everyone. The Hugh Lane is great, it's so relaxing and now I feel confident visiting it, going around the exhibitions, really examining the art. I no longer feel like I'm out of place when I'm there.'

Derek will have several cityscapes on exhibition in DALC from June 27th.

Event Highlights:

The initiative kicks off on Tuesday, 4th June, with a tour of Trinity College Dublin. Adult learners will have the opportunity to chat with staff from the Trinity Access Programmes (TAP), enjoy a short lecture on the college's history, and explore the campus, including the Book of Kells interactive exhibition, followed by lunch. On Wednesday, 5th June, Dublin City Library will host a tour of the Central Library, providing insights into its vast resources.

On Tuesday, 11th June, TU Dublin will offer multiple campus tours, giving visitors a welcome look at its facilities. The National College of Art and Design will present the NCAD WorksExhibition on Thursday, 13th June, showcasing the creative talents of its students. The same day, Henrietta Adult and Community Education (HACE) will host an end-of-year drama show at the Teacher’s Club on Parnell Square, highlighting the achievements of its drama class.

The National College of Ireland will open its doors on Monday, 17th June, for a full tour of its facilities, including the new campus building in Spencer Dock. On Wednesday, 19th June, CDETB Parnell will display art from the Parnell Centre, complemented by tea, coffee, and biscuits. The Hugh Lane Gallery will provide a free tour on Friday, 21st June, featuring highlights from its collection displays.

The month concludes with an art exhibition by the Dublin Adult Learning Centre (DALC) on Thursday, 27th June, showcasing works by local artists. Finally, on Friday, 28th June, the Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO) will conduct a workshop on the classification of Irish films, providing valuable insights into the film industry.

This initiative is organised by the Learning Neighbourhood which is part of UNESCO Dublin Learning City and works with cultural and educational institutions making them more accessible to the community and fostering lifelong learning opportunities. This partnership provides inclusive and accessible opportunities and is supported by TU Dublin. Join us in celebrating the vibrant cultural heritage and the dynamic community spirit of Dublin's North Inner City.

For more information or to submit an event, please contact Deirdre Byrne at Dublin Adult Learning Centre (DALC) at or 085-8807385.