28 Dec 2021EventsFightclub North Strand

Fightclub North Strand Kickboxing Jan 2022


Even more opportunities in the New Year!!

Fightclub Kickboxing's (North Strand) all new ladies class is here. It takes place on Tuesdays at 7.30pm and Thursdays at 7pm. Whether you have experience or are a complete beginner, all are welcome!

If you'd like to get involved, call Barbara on 086 1500668.

As well as the new ladies class, there's a host of classes for both juniors and seniors. Check out the class times below:

Mon / Wed: 6pm - Juniors 5-10yrs

Mon / Wed: 7pm - Juniors 11-15yrs

Mon / Wed: 8pm - Seniors

Tues: 6.30pm - Juniors 5-10yrs

Tues: 7.30pm - Ladies Kickboxing

Thurs: 7pm - Ladies Kickboxing

For more info call Barbara on the number above, credit for the graphic goes to Nerys Molloy, fantastic work!!