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Choosing My Future


Choosing my future is a person-centred career guidance service using a newly developed guidance model – MEEG. The project is aimed at 18–30-year-olds who are unemployed or in employment in a low skilled/ low paid position. Clients will receive one to one personalised guidance with a practitioner, the practitioner will help the client understand the world of work and through the guidance process discover their own interests, values, and skills along with their work-life balance needs to guide the client towards a meaningful and sustainable career.

Clients will be supported throughout their journey. A client can continue to link in with us even if they have secured employment, the practitioner will collaborate with the client on a plan to progress within their profession, in this case we will link in with their employer (with the client’s permission) to collaborate on a progression plan for the client.

Clients will also have access to workshops and events. These will include classic job searching workshops such as CV and cover letter writing, Interview skills and techniques, Networking and Digital skills and online job searching. Other workshops will be developed based on reoccurring barriers our clients are facing such as self-esteem and motivation, well-being and self-care, public speaking etc.

Events will be organised throughout the project, these will include but are not limited to job fairs, apprenticeship affairs, employer information sessions and networking events.

Our success is measured by the client making any kind of positive progress in their lives, this may be employment or education but it also could be as simple as the client having a clear plan for the future with steps and goals to follow and achieve.

This service will be delivered in the Larkin Centre, North Strand road by the Ballymun Job Centre.

For further information please contact:

Landline:   01-8667000

Mobil:  087-1634899