NEIC Update – Looking ahead - July 2018

There are lots of great projects and facilities in the North East Inner City which have been supported or funded through grants from the government and Dublin City Council.

NEIC Progress Report 2017 also contains a summary of activities during the first 6 months of the Programme Implementation Board - CLICK HERE.

NEIC Update – Looking ahead

The North East Inner City Programme has been in operation for just over a year. As Chairman of the Implementation Board, I want to make sure that we are working together to create a brighter future for all of our community. A wide range of projects and supports have been put in place as a starting point but we now need to shift the focus to actions for the longer term. Two of the biggest issues are policing and employment.

Since April, 51 new Gardaí have been assigned to increase patrols and restore community policing to the area. With patrols targeting drug dealing and anti-social behaviour black spots, this is already making a difference.

A new social employment scheme for the area funded by the Department of Rural and Community Affairs has resulted in 30 new jobs in local community projects. These 30 people started work in recent weeks in local childcare and youth projects, older people services and local environmental services.

In June, 48 local people of all ages sailed in to Dublin Port on Tall Ships from Belfast and Liverpool following a week's sail training. In itself it was a small thing - made possible by community, statutory and business working hand in hand with Sail Training Ireland. For many this was a life changing experience living and training side by side with others, breaking down barriers and overcoming fears. It opens up a world of possibilities for many and this is what the NEIC programme is all about - new opportunities.

The Board is working with Dublin City Council to ensure the look and feel of the area is improving through refurbishment and cleaning works, greening the area and tackling derelict sites. I continue to receive support from the Government and am happy to see good collaboration between State services, community projects and local employers.

Dublin’s North East Inner City in a vibrant and hard-working area. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents and community of the North East Inner City for their continued support of this project. This is your neighbourhood and your home; I look forward to working closely with you to ensure that it becomes an even better community for everyone.

Michael Stone


July 2018

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