Local Community Safety Partnership

Community safety is a broad concept that goes beyond just policing and crime. It’s about people being and feeling safe in their communities. This includes everything from visible Gardaí, and improved street lighting, to safe places for children to play.

The Local Community Safety Partnership (LCSP) is a new government initiative that brings together community members, statutory services, the voluntary and community sector, and local councillors to work together in identifying and tackling community safety issues locally. 

Local Community Safety Partnerships will be established in Dublin’s North Inner City, Longford and Waterford, on a 24-month pilot basis. Each LCSP will have an independent chairperson and will bring together residents, community representatives, business interests, councillors, local authorities and State services such as An Garda Síochána, Tusla and the HSE to devise and implement the Local Community Safety Plan.

The Dublin North Inner City Local Community Safety Partnership has been established to help promote community safety across the 10 neighbourhoods within this area. These neighbourhoods are:

  • City Centre East
  • City Centre North
  • City Centre West
  • Clonliffe/Ballybough
  • East Wall/ North Lotts
  • Halston Street/Inns Quay
  • Montpelier/Arbour Hill
  • Sheriff Street/IFSC
  • Smithfield/Broadstone
  • Dublin Port

The independent Chairperson for North Dublin Inner City LCSP, Mr Cormac O’Donnchú, was appointed in February 2021. In May he was joined by the Local Community Safety Coordinator, Patrick Craig, and the Local Community Safety Administrator, Rachel Meade.

The LCSP team can be contacted by phone on: 01 222 3892, by email at communitysafety@dublincity.ie, or through their office Unit 3, James Joyce Street, Dublin. 1.

The LCSP team held the first round of public consultations with community members between 07 May and 27 May 2021. The key issues raised at these meetings will be used to inform the Community Safety Plan for each neighbourhood.

For further information on community safety, please see the below Community Safety Policy Document published by the Department of Justice

A common theme that was noted throughout the public consultations was community members wish to know the Community Garda for their locality. Following discussions with members of An Garda Síochána, an interactive map has been made available for community members. This map shows the areas within the Dublin North Inner City, and indicates the named community Garda for each of the smaller Community Policing Zones.

The map will be updated regularly to reflect any changes and can be found <here>.

The Local Community Safety Partnership Team

Mr Cormac O’Donnchú

Independent Chairperson for North Dublin Inner City LCSP

Patrick Craig

Local Community Safety Coordinator

Rachel Meade

Local Community Safety Administrator

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