Sub Groups

Priority Areas

At its first meeting on 28 June 2017, the Programme Implementation Board agreed to establish four working sub groups reflecting the four priority areas for actions. Chairs have been selected and each sub group meets monthly. Each group has been assigned the relevant actions from the Mulvey Report. The sub groups have representation from the community and business sector.

As of December 2019, there are six sub-groups of the Programme Implementation Board. Details below:

  1. Enhancing Policing: Better and more visible policing with an emphasis on community policing needs to be key feature in the Plan. It must be “safe” to lead; it must be “safe” to live, work, learn and play in the community. [Chaired by Chief Superintendent Sean Ward, an Garda Siochána]
  2. Maximising Educational / Training and Employment Opportunities: There needs to be significant enhancement of the linkages between education and employment opportunity for this current generation of school goers, young adults and the unemployed in local businesses and enterprises, particularly in the business / retail area of the inner city and in the Docklands Development – both in construction and business occupation stages. [Chaired by Mary Keenan, Department of the Taoiseach]
  3. Family Wellbeing: Social, educational and training services to address the real problems faced by families and their children need to be planned and delivered in a far more coordinated fashion. Services should be co-ordinated under a single plan which is in response to the particular needs and circumstances of different communities within the area. [Chaired by Joy McGlynn, Tusla]
  4. Enhancing Community Wellbeing and the Physical Landscape: The area has some of the broadest streets in the City with potential for refurbishment and revitalisation. Future regeneration needs to explore the potential within the area to renovate, make it liveable and bright with improved physical landscape; to eliminate waste, derelict sites and progress the refurbishment and replacement of the existing flat complexes. [Chaired by Brendan Kenny, Dublin City Council]
  5. Substance Use, Misuse and Inclusion Health: In August 2018, a 5th Sub Group looking at Addiction was established. Terms of Reference and membership of this group is being developed. The first meeting of this group took place on Tuesday, 28th August 2018. [Chaired by Jim Walsh, Department of Health.]
  6. Alignment of Services [Chaired by Conor Rowley, Department of Children and Youth Affairs].


Current membership of the NEIC Sub Groups is as follows (February 2019) [To be updated.]


Chair – Chief Superintendent Sean Ward, An Garda Síochána

  • Superintendent Gerry Murphy, An Garda Síochána
  • Marie Metcalfe, Community Policing Forum
  • Richard Carson, ACET/ North Inner City Community Coalition (NICCC)
  • Trina O’Connor, NICCC
  • Ciara Cunningham, SWAN Youth Service
  • Sgt Martin Moloney, An Garda Síochána,
  • Eltin Moran, Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.
  • Donal Barron, Dublin City Council.
  • Anita Whyte, Health Service Executive
  • Mel MacGiobúin, North Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Taskforce
  • Michael O'Riordan, NEIC Programme Office

Minutes – Sgt Brian Quinn, An Garda Síochána


Chair – Mary Keenan, Department of an Taoiseach

  • Mary Cregg, Department of Education and Skills
  • Noel Hand, Department of Employment Affairs and Social protection
  • Sarah Kelleher, Lourdes Youth and Community Services/ NICCC
  • Maria Tyrrell, Larkin Unemployed Centre/ NICCC
  • Henrietta Kerrigan, Inner City Renewal Group LES
  • Gina Quinn, National College of Ireland
  • Germaine Noonan, Business in the Community
  • Blake Hodkinson, City of Dublin Education and Training Board
  • Michael O'Riordan, NEIC Programme Office

Minutes – Helen McHugh, Department of Education and Skills


Chair – Conor Rowley, Department of Children and Youth Affairs

  • Mairead Mahon, SWAN Youth Services
  • Jo-Anne Sexton, Health Service Executive
  • Clare Butler, Department of an Taoiseach / NEIC Programme Office
  • Mark Harding, City of Dublin Youth Services Board
  • John Farrelly, City of Dublin Education and Training Board
  • Ann Carroll, Community After School Programme/ NICCC
  • Pat Gates, Young People At Risk/NICCC
  • Josephine Bleach, Early learning Initiative, National College of Ireland
  • Cliodhna O’Mahony, Children and Young Peoples Services Committee
  • Teresa Nyland, TUSLA
  • Joy McGlynn, TUSLA
  • Bruce McDevitt, Dublin City Council / NEIC Programme Office
  • Michael O'Riordan, NEIC Programme Office

Minutes – Leah Steadman, Department of Children and Youth Affairs 


Chair – Brendan Kenny, Dublin City Council

  • Ursula Donnellan, Dublin City Council
  • Karl Mitchell, Dublin City Council
  • Supt. Daniel Flavin, An Garda Siochana
  • Sean Reilly, Business sector
  • Josephine Henry, Dublin City Community Co-op
  • Bernie Walsh, Sunflower Recycling
  • Derek Kelly, Dublin City Council / Dublin Docklands
  • Brian O’Gorman, Cluid Housing
  • Michael O'Riordan, NEIC Programme Office

Minutes – Ursula Donnellan, Dublin City Council


Chair - Jim Walsh, Department of Health 

  • Anita Whyte, Health Service Executive
  • Gary Broderick, SAOL Project & North Inner City Drug and Alcohol Task Force
  • Belinda Nugent, SAOL Project
  • Paula Kearney, SAOL Project
  • Dr Des Crowley, Health Service Executive
  • Michael O’Riordan, NEIC Programme Office 
  • Dr Eamon Keenan, Health Service Executive, Clinical lead addiction
  • Including two Service Users    
  • North Inner City Community Coalition (NICCC) position to be filled