Intercultural Ambassador Programme

The Intercultural Ambassador Programme aims to create a diverse network of intercultural ambassadors and encourage active involvement by local people in promoting intercultural dialogue and addressing the barriers to integration in the North East Inner City. 

Objectives: - Members will:

  • Connect with others, share and promote intercultural dialogue and understanding between the many cultures within the NEIC
  • Develop leadership skills and inform policy
  • Engage members of the community in intercultural work
  • Bridge the gap(s) in the provision of resources, opportunities and supports for people from different countries

16 Ambassadors - Representing 12 Countries – Covering 21 Languages!

Their focus will include:

  • Celebrating diversity through sports, music and other art forms.
  • Addressing barriers to Integration for migrant groups such as language barriers, lack of access to information, opportunities and resources.
  • Utilising Parks and public spaces

This programme is about bringing together everyday members of the community from diverse walks of life to learn from each other and become active participants in addressing the issues that concern them. If you would like to find out more, or get involved, please visit or contact

The Intercultural Ambassador Programme is one of many strategic steps in recognising and embracing the different migrant cultures within the North East Inner City. The programme is supported by Dublin City Council and the North East Inner City Initiative.

Find videos and the Intercultural Ambassadors Programme brochure below for more information. 

Watch the Intercultural Ambassadors Programme Video

Meet the Ambassadors!

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