Chairperson's Message

On behalf of the North East Inner City (NEIC) Programme Implementation Board, I would like to welcome you to our 2019 Progress Report. This is the third progress report since I was appointed as Chairperson of the NEIC Programme Implementation Board. 

It has been another busy and productive year for the Board, the various sub groups and the Programme Office. The substantial funding that we received in 2019 enabled us to continue to implement a wide range of programmes and projects as we worked to achieve the goals of the 2017 Mulvey Report to ensure that the North East Inner City is a flourishing community. An overview and details of this work can be found in this report.

In July 2019 the HSE, in collaboration with the NEIC, opened an Inclusion Health Hub. This service is the first of its kind in Ireland providing health services to some of the most vulnerable in our community. At the British-Irish Council Summit in November, a discussion was hosted on substance misuse and the links between health and social initiatives. In advance of the summit meeting, Ministers of Health from the travelling delegations visited the North East Inner City Inclusion Health Hub, to see best practice in action and to learn more about the project which focuses on the transformation of the delivery of health services for drug users in the city.

The continued success of community events throughout the year was maintained building on the existing, valuable arts and heritage community within the NEIC. We held “The Big Scream Halloween Festival” for the third year running which was greatly enjoyed by a large number of people, young and old. In September, a Community Showcase event took place in D-Light Studios with over 230 attendees, stands from 22 services and projects, and a range of speakers from projects that have been supported by the NEIC Board. 

In 2019, the number of positions funded under the Social Employment scheme was increased to 55 to support the delivery of services in childcare, eldercare, youth-work and environment projects and have made a significant impact in improving service provision in the community. The NEIC Transition Year Work Placement programme which kicked off in February, greatly expanded in autumn 2019 when 142 high quality placements were secured for students from 6 secondary schools. This represents both a significant opportunity for young people in the NEIC and an exciting new partnership with large businesses and employers in the city.

Among my priorities for 2019 was to build on our work to date and move towards long-term sustainable outcomes for the North East Inner City. In June 2019, following an evaluability assessment of the NEIC Initiative, the Board decided to proceed using a more structured delivery approach to the programme. To focus on long-term sustainable outcomes; ensure alignment of objectives across the sub groups; enhance cross-team collaboration; and ensure accountability for the delivery of priority actions, the Board has developed a three year strategic plan for 2020 – 2022. This NEIC Strategic Plan was developed through a process of consultation and planning at every level in the NEIC. Together we have developed a comprehensive and focused work strategy to take us to 2022.

I wish to acknowledge the range of work being undertaken in the NEIC and to appreciate the contribution that individuals and groups are making to their local community. In this Initiative, we have reached a stage where we are taking the opportunity to listen and learn from each other. Sometimes we can be so busy working in our own areas or sectors it is difficult to see the shared positive impact which is being created across the community. I hope that this 2019 Progress Report will give you a flavour of the broad variety of projects supported by the NEIC Initiative. I encourage you to go to our website News section ( for on-going updates.

I remain focussed and committed to the NEIC initiative and will continue to work to ensure that it will be a success for the residents of the area.

I want to thank my fellow Board members for their continued commitment and support. During the year, Fergus McCabe, Mary Walshe and Chief Superintendent Sean Ward retired from the NEIC Programme Implementation Board. I want to take this opportunity to offer them my sincere thanks for their determined work and commitment to the North East Inner City. I am also grateful to the Programme Office staff for their tireless efforts and support.

Finally, I want to thank the Government for the support provided and the priority they have attached to this initiative.

In 2020, I look forward to continued close cooperation with the community, businesses, Dublin City Council and Government Departments and agencies as we work together in implementing the NEIC Strategic Plan 2020-2022 and a new way of working for the Programme Implementation Board.

Best regards,

Michael Stone

December 2019



My name is Michael Stone. I am the recently appointed Chairperson of the Programme Implementation Board for the North East Inner City (NEIC) Initiative and I would like to welcome you to this website where we will do our best to keep you informed of the work of the NEIC.

I was honoured to receive the invitation from the Taoiseach to chair this group and I was delighted to accept. I will strive to ensure that the recommendations as set out in the Mulvey report “Creating a Brighter Future“ will be implemented.

To date, I have established the Programme Implementation Board and four sub groups of the board are set up and meeting regularly.

The four sub groups are focussing on the following areas:

  • Crime and Drugs
  • Education and Training
  • Family, Children and Youth Services
  • Physical Infrastructure

I have met with the business leaders in the area to encourage their involvement in the regeneration of the area and I have had a very positive response from them to date.

I have also met with many people who are just trying to get on with their lives and whose wish it is to live in a safe environment with decent opportunities for them and their families.

I am determined that the NEIC Initiative will be successful and to make the North East Inner City a safe, attractive and vibrant living and working environment for all.

We want to give you the opportunity to have your say about what is happening in your community, so please get in touch using the details on the "Contact us".

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Michael Stone
October 2017